Botanical Extracts

Consumers today are seeking more products that are full of added functional properties and support a healthy and active lifestyle. Botanical plant extracts support this consumer trend as they are natural and can provide the needed functional benefits whilst being easy to handle.

Botanical extracts are no longer just used in the nutraceutical market, but have moved into the mass food market. Applications range from beverages, meat and dairy products, to bakery and confectionery products.

Hansa can offer the following botanical extracts, amoung others, in Thailand. 

Aloe VeraArtichokeBacopa MonnieriBilberryBlack CurrantCistanche
DandelionGingerGuaranaGrape SeedGingko BilobaHawthorn Berry
LemonMarigoldPine Bark ExtractRosemarySchisandra ChinensisSoybean
TomatoGABA RiceGinseng ExtractsMushroomGreen Coffee BeanGreen Tea