Fructose Syrup (Rice, Oat, Spelt)

Fructose syrup is a natural sweetener that is made from various grains. Historically, the most common fructose syrup is made from corn and is called High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS-55). However, the corn used is often genetically modified (GM) which makes it unattractive to consumers and even illegal to use in some countries. Alternative fructose syrups can be derived from other grain sources that are not GM. These include rice, oats, and spelt. 

The benefit of rice, oat, and spelt fructose syrups are not only their non-GM status, but also their sweetness is higher than that of HFCS-55. Furthermore, rice syrup is completely allergen free, making it ideal for gluten free food and beverages.

Commercially, no-GM fructose syrups are used in canned fruit, jams, dairy products, beverages, fruit juices, preserved fruits, wines, heath foods, salad dressings, and household seasonings. Fructose syrup can also completely or partially replace sucrose in beverages.