BIOVOLUME 128™ is a natural hair volumizer that guarantess to transform fine, thin strands of hair into full-bodied hair.

Its biopolymeric content diffuses into individual hair strands helping hair fibers retain more moisture while increasing the volume.

Unique specis of linden trees growing in Turkey allows BIOVOLUME 128™ to be rich in phytochemicals which help to volumize and moisturize the hair.

It is a highly effective natural agent for hair care applications that promote hair to bounce.

Why will you love it?
+30% Overall hair volume
+6% Moisture uptake capacity
Boosts volume for up to 12 hours
Instant Effect after first use

More information about the producer NORMACTIVE in Turkey can be found here:

INCI Name : Water, Glycerine, Tilia tomentosa Extract

Applications : Shamppo, Styling Gel, Conditioner