Plant Protein

Chia Powder (Conventional & Organic)

One of the most popular super foods available, easily added the in various food products recipes

Isolated Soy Protein

High in protein content, naturally derived, with essential amino acids.

Oat Bran Powder

The outer layer of the oat groat. Packed with fibers, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Oat Powder

Made from the whole oat groat, combining the benefits of the outer layer (bran) with the inner oat. 

Pea Protein

Full of vital trace elements and 18 kinds of Amino Acids

Quinoa Powder (Conventional & Organic)

Quinoa is a popular grain that is rich in protein, fibers, B vitamins, and natural minerals.

Rice Protein

Rice is a excellent source for vegetarian protein, as an alternative to the commonly used whey soy protein