Our Services

Technical Advice

Anybody can sell a basic product that is easy to find on the global market. We thrive in helping our customers find solutions to their problems and challenges. Working together on a technical level enriches all stakeholders.


Thailand is a dynamic and fast paced market with a high degree of innovation. We at Hansa can help you promote and sell your products to the local Thai market. Our Directors and Division leaders have a combined experience of over 120 years in the Thailand distribution and manufacturing market.


If you are looking for a product that is hard to find in Thailand, Hansa is there for you. Our international network and reputation enable us to source the hardest to find products. Challenge us!


In todays fast paced digital world, efficient logistics plays a key role. Trucks and ships are exposed to external delays, so its important to mitigate these to ensure Just-In-Time deliveries. Hansa considers all factors so that you get your products in good condition and on time.


Money makes the world go around. Thai and international Financial practices and regulations can vary heavily depending on the industries. Hansa provides the needed know how and support to all stakeholders to ensure smooth and safe transactions.


Whether its repacking, holding buffer stocks, or quality control, we do it all. Our warehouses in Thailand are suited for the most sensitive products. We monitor our stocks closely to ensure our customers get the newest products.