Working at HANSA

At HANSA we firmly believe that
are the most valuable

Whether it is canvassing for new customers, solving a formulation problem, managing a supply shortage, or arranging product training seminars, it takes skill and motivation to succeed. 

HANSA strives to provide an invigorating, empowering, and happy working atmosphere whilst balancing the challenges of a fast paced and competitive market environment.

Each team member, from logistics to accounting to sales, has the opportunity to excel and develop further expertise as a individual and team member when working at HANSA. 

When a member of HANSA grows and succeeds, HANSA also grows and succeeds!

Feel like joining the HANSA team? We always welcome your applications, no matter what field of expertise you are in. We promise that we will analyse each application thoroughly for potential and provide timely feedback. We look forward to your applications to!